Where to Park, Pee, Eat, and Sleep

Parking on the Bike Path

There are several parking options when you want to explore the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway. The most obvious is to park at one of the breweries and use that as your home base for exploration. Each brewery has parking though Jackie O’s Taproom can be tight (Don’t park in the Sonic parking lot next door; you could get towed).

If you’re tempted to park in Athen’s uptown, don’t do it. There’s a 2-hour limit, and you will get a ticket.

Besides there are plenty of other options that’ll put you right on the bike path:

East State Street Parking Lot, 1601 East State Street

This lot features plenty of parking and it’s convenient to use if you want to start at ground zero and bike the entire bath. There is accessible parking but no food or restrooms (though there are myriad restaurants nearby on East State Street). Where’s the beer? From here you’re about:

  • 2 miles to Jackie O’s Taproom
  • 5.5 miles to Little Fish
  • 6.5 miles to Devil’s Kettle
  • 8 miles to the Eclipse.
  • Nelsonville is a mere 20 miles away …

Athens Community Center, 701 East State Street

There is plenty of parking here, and it’s also near the Athens City Pool, the Athens Skate Park and the dog park. There also are restrooms and parking (accessible for both). It’s open Monday-Friday 6 a.m.-9 p.m., Saturdays from 8 a.m.-8 p.m. and Sundays from 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

From here you’re:

  • less than less than a mile to Jackie O’s Taproom
  • about 4.5 miles to Little Fish
  • about 5.5 miles to Devil’s Kettle
  • 7 miles to the Eclipse.
  • Nelsonville is about 19 miles away.

West State Street Park

This is a great choice if you want easy access to Devil’s Kettle and Little Fish. Both breweries are a short pedal from the park, which has numerous ballfields, parking, restrooms and a dog park.

From here it’s:

  • less than a mile to Little Fish
  • about 2 miles to Devil’s Kettle
  • about 3 miles to Jackie O’s Tap Room
  • 3 miles to the Eclipse.
  • Nelsonville is about 14 miles away.

The Eclipse Company Town

There are several parking lots here, including one at the bike path and several near the Eclipse Company Store. The “store” features more than 40 craft beers on tap as well as great food. There’s also a bike repair station at this location.

From here it’s about:

  • 2 miles to Devil’s Kettle
  • 3 miles to Little Fish
  • 6 miles to Jackie O’s Taproom
  • 11 miles to Nelsonville.

Rocky Brands, 45 Canal Street, Nelsonville

There is parking in back, near the railroad tracks, that gives easy access to the western terminus of the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway. The store has a restaurant and restrooms, and if you pedal across Canal Street up Hocking Street to Nelsonville Public Square, you’ll find several cool shops and restaurants, not to mention Multiple Brewing, which is on West Washington Street (turn left on W. Washington at the northern end of the Public Square.

From here, it’s about:

  • 11 miles to the Eclipse
  • 13 miles to Devil’s Kettle
  • 14 miles to Little Fish
  • 17 miles to Jackie O’s Tap Room.

Where to Pee

There are several places for a pitstop when you need a bathroom break.
Athens Soccer Complex (behind Ruby Tuesday, 951 E. State St.), just west of Mile Marker 1E on the bikeway. There are restrooms and a water fountain here.

Habitat for Humanity, 309 W. Union Street

There’s a small parking lot here and the building has restrooms and a water fountain that are open to the public. There also is a bike repair station that includes an air pump. This is a great place to take a break and watch the Hocking River rush past White’s Mill.

West State Street Park

There are public restrooms and water fountains near the ball fields.

Beaumont (Salina)

This is near Mile 11 on the bikeway. There is a Porta-John here as well as a water fountain. Great place to take a break if you’re going all the way to Nelsonville.

Robbins Crossing at Hocking College

This is between miles 16 and 17 in Nelsonville. Restrooms and water fountains are available. This is also a great place to catch your breath after pedaling to Nelsonville from Athens.

Where to Eat

There is no lack of food options for bikeway cyclists. Here’s the download about food along the bike path:

Food Options at Each of the Beer Places on the Bike Path:

The Eclipse Company Store

It’s got the largest menu and the biggest kitchen. Plus it’s got beers from all the local breweries and across Ohio. Outdoor seating, and live shows. They’re the same folks who own Kiser’s, Athens best barbecue. And it’s centrally-located at Mile Marker 7.

The menu is basically upscale pub food; burgers, brats, a ginormous BLT, salads, homemade potato chips (often served still warm!), wings, soups, eggplant tots, etc. And they’re the only beer-serving place along the bike path with food open for lunch on weekdays.

The Cajun Clucker at Little Fish

The permanently-on-site food truck would be right at home on Bourbon Street. It opens for happy hour and dinner (5-8:30) on weekends, and 1 p.m. until 9 or so on weekends (sometimes they open at noon in the summer season) . If you’re not into Louisiana cooking, they also offer basics like hamburgers. (Note: no outside food allowed)

Jackie O’s Taproom

The food cart here offers a decent selection of food ranging from snacks to sandwiches, and usually opens around mid-afernoon. The food features a host of local ingredients, ranging from pickled veggies from Pork & Pickles to Laurel Valley Creamery cheeses. You could also hop over to Sonic next door and bring food back to eat with your craft brew. Or you could order food from any delivery place in Athens.

Devil’s Kettle

No food cart or restaurant here, but that’s OK. OMG! Rotisserie is just up the street, and they’ll deliver to the brewery. Their chicken is amazing and the sides are great. Collard greens. Mac and cheese.. Tough choices. Dessert? Why not? The Pecan Pie Bread Pudding is life changing. Or, like at that Tap Room, you could order from any place that delivers in Athens. Or bring your own food. It’s allowed.

Food Beyond the Bike Path

Larry’s Dawg House, 410 W. Union Street

For great shakes and footlongs, Larry’s is the place. And it’s close to the bikeway. Two ways to get there: 1. As you’re riding west you’ll pass OU and then O’Bleness Memorial Hospital at about Mile Marker 3. Start looking across the field to your right and you’ll spot Larry’s. You can bike through the field directly to the restaurant. 2. You can keep riding out the the Habitat for Humanity building and instead of crossing the street and continuing on the bikeway, go right on West State and Larry’s is a few hundred feed down the road.

Uptown Athens Restaurants

There are a variety of restaurants on and off Court Street, ranging from O’Betty’s (incredible hot dogs) to Salaam (Middle Eastern) to Thai Paradise. Jackie O’s has its original brewery there, too, with some amazing bar food (much of which they grown themselves at their farm). You can get there via Richland Avenue, but get ready for a climb (they don’t call it “uptown” for nothing.”

Places to Eat on East State Street

There are myriad restaurants along East State Street that are easily accessible to the bikeway. Two we like are China Panda (surprisingly good sushi for Athens as well as a wide variety of Asian dishes) and Gran Ranchero, a comfortable, reasonably priced Mexican restaurant.

If you’re willing to cross East State Street (doable, but not easy … be careful), we recommend Kiser’s Barbeque and Sol. The former is run by the same folks who own The Company Store at the Eclipse and the food is always excellent; the latter features Cuban food (it also has a location off Court Street uptown). There also are more chain restaurants than you can shake a stick at. On the bikeway, watch for short spurs running up to the shopping centers as you ride between the Athens Community Center and the bikeway parking lot on East State.

Where to Sleep

There are a lot of options here since the bikeway is a short distance from multiple hotels. Several chain hotels are on or near the bikeway:

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