Detour to Jackie O’s Taproom


UPDATE 9/21/17: The work here is largely completed and there no longer is a need to detour. Just use the spur near the Stimson Bridge to ride up toward Sonic (the black line on the map above). And be careful. Many drivers are unfamiliar with roundabouts, so don’t assume they know what they’re doing when you attempt to cross North McKinley.

UPDATE 8/28/17: North McKinley opened last week, feeding into the Stimson Roundabout. There are several ways to get to Jackie O’s Taproom from the bikeway. Cyclists can use the spur near the Stimson bridge (black line on the map above), but that will take them directly to the roundabout and a section without sidewalks. If you go this route, be careful. We continue to believe the best route is to exit the bike path at Mile Marker 1 (Orange line with exclamation points on the map above) and ride down toward South Green Drive and Mill Street. From there, you have two options:

  1. Turn onto McKinley (the sidewalks are completed on the west side of McKinley) and then cross McKinley into the Sonic parking lot, which will take you to the taproom.  The purple line on the map above shows this route.
  2. Continue to use the original detour, which allows you to go around the construction completely. That route is detailed with orange lines and exclamation points on the map above.

In summary, your best bet might depend on time of day and traffic conditions. Work continues in the area, so while crews are present give them a wide berth.

UPDATE 7/22/17: We walked the new roundabout on Stimson this morning and we still advise cyclists to use the detour we describe on this page. As of today, the roundabout is open to through traffic but North McKinley, which leads to South Green Drive and Ohio University, still is a construction site that doesn’t look as if it will be open for a while.

From the bikeway, they’ve removed the “Sidewalk Closed” sign on the spur, but the spur dead-ends in an orange barrier and muddy area beside the roundabout.

We’ll update here as further developments occur …

Construction on the Stimson Avenue roundabout has made it a tad tricky to get from the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway to Jackie O’s Taproom.

The roundabout opened to traffic on July 21, but sidewalks and other work won’t be completed for weeks, or even months, afterward.

Here’s a detour that will keep you out of the construction zone and get you safely to Jackie O’s Taproom.

At Mile Marker 1 on the bikeway, there’s a turnoff that runs to South Green Drive and Mill Street. Take that turnoff (see below).


The spur leads down to South Green and Mill Street. Just keep going straight and you’ll end up on Mill.

Ride down Mill Street (there’s even a bike lane) to Elliott Street.

Turn right on Elliott Street. Go straight down Elliott to Campbell Street, where you’ll make another right.

After you go right on Campbell, it’s a straight shot to Jackie O’s Taproom, which is at 25 Campbell Street.

Here’s more info about where the spurs off the bikeway take you: A Mile-by-Mile Guide to the Bikeway and Its Spurs

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