Devil’s Kettle

Devil's Kettle Brewing features a patio area for patrons who want to enjoy the outdoors.
Devil’s Kettle Brewing features a patio area for patrons who want to enjoy the outdoors.

Devil’s Kettle Brewing has undergone several major upgrades in recent months. It has a fresh paint job, new solar panels, and a new bar area.

But the beer’s quality hasn’t changed a bit.  And that’s a great thing since they serve some of our favorite brews in Athens, Ohio.

This is a great place to take a break while cycling the bikeway. Brewmaster Cameron Fuller focuses on making session-able beers that are a delight to drink when its hot. And the relatively low alcohol content ensures you’ll be able to bike safely to your next stop after sampling Devil’s Kettle’s brews.

A few fun things to note when you’re hanging out there:

The Woodwork at Devil’s Kettle

Fuller was a guitar maker before he opened Devil’s Kettle. Those guitars displayed on the walls are his work.

When you sit down at the bar, take a moment to study it. It’s made from pieces of wood from Fuller’s guitar-making days — including quilted maple, blood wood and macassar ebony. It’s gorgeous.

The Bathrooms

Really.  They’re a blast. The walls are all chalkboard, allowing you to read previous visitors’ comments/graffiti and add your own. Just try to keep it civil …

And they’re accessible! Huge in size! (That’s another thing we love about the breweries in Athens — they’re all accessible.)

Girl Scout Cookies and Beer

And here’s something to look forward to: In March 2017, Devil’s Kettle featured a Girl Scout cookie/craft beer pairing. It sounded ridiculous at first blush, but it worked. So well, in fact, that they’re planning to do it again.  Keep an eye out for that …

They have the coolest logo of the local breweries. Hands down. And maybe the coolest bike spur, too, with the trestle bridge over the Hocking River.

Devil’s Kettle Info

  • Hours: Wednesday-Friday, 4 p.m.-9 p.m., Saturday-Sunday noon- 9 p.m., closed Monday and Tuesday,
  • Food: There isn’t a kitchen or food cart at Devil’s Kettle, but you’re welcome to bring in food. OMG Rotisserie, which is just a few doors down, delivers to the brewery for free most days (their salads are awesome).
  • Directions from the bikeway:  The spur to Devil’s Kettle is right next to the railroad crossing at Armitage Farm, just west of Mile Marker 5 on the bikeway. Once you’re on the spur, take it to Columbus Road, look both ways and cross to Devil’s Kettle, 97 Columbus Road.
  • Fascinating fact: Brewmaster/owner Cameron Fuller entered several of his beers in the 2013 Ohio Brew Week homebrew competition to see if his suds were up to snuff. He won the most medals in the show that year, including Best of Show, convincing him the next step was to go pro, which he did when he opened Devil’s Kettle in 2015.
  • Beer tip: While we love all the beers here, but we’re partial to two: the Galatea Dunkel is an excellent German style dark lager that has substance without being heavy. We drink it in the summer and the winter. We also love their Pale Satan when pale ales are the order of the day.
  • Phone: 740-589-7187
  • Connections: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website.
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